Sunday, April 12, 2009

Increasing Advertising in Television

The television industry in India is cashing in on the benefits that advertising generates for them. This is a golden period for the global television industry. The explosion of new technologies in advertising offers something new and exciting to everyone. In India, before the 1990s, a single government broadcaster provided many channels. Now a slew of domestic and international media companies offer purpose-oriented channels; thus we have the entertainment channels, news channels, etc. The television industry is expanding by the year and there is scope for it to expand even more. As in Bollywood and Hollywood movies, acting in advertisements too has become a profession for actors. But coming out with an advertisement is not an end in itself for the companies. It is the marketer's duty to popularize the product in the marketplace. The product must be easily available in any kind of shop. All these things can be ensured with just one good advertisement. Consumers prefer advertisements which feature well known celebrities or players. India is the favorite market of all companies. It is astonishing that everything that happened in the world in ten years are happening in India in just two years