Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Leisure time and roped in to support complicated opportunity

After few iterations of changes and updates from that irritating online delivery lead, the opportunity was finally closed, and I got relived from supporting that opportunity again. Now, I was really praying for calm and composed opportunity to work and never again wanted to get stuck with irritating delivery leads again. I was supporting my manager for some ad-hoc requests, which consumed only very little bandwidth and in other times, I was leisure browsing through internet. I was hoping that it would continue for few more weeks and to my surprise I was looped in to support one more complicated opportunity within short span of time. To give background about this new opportunity, this opportunity wants to extract new representations out of nowhere and add worsen part of it, these delivery leads work on weekends and wanted my support on weekends. Learn more about what happened in this opportunity at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Rude offshore delivery lead and consoling daily calls

Knowing that the offshore delivery lead has personally escalated against me to my manager I was completely irritated by this action and never wanted to work on this opportunity. However, my manager wanted me to continue support on this opportunity and never understanding about the conflicts arising between me and the offshore lead. To detail the extent of the conflicts, during one of those calls, there was a comment from the offshore delivery lead that we need to add a slide about certain topic, and I was requested to find the relevant slides. So, I was checking in my repository and other sources as well to find the perfect slide that matches the requirement and finally, I found the latest slide for the same. When I shared the slides to the team, everyone was fine with the slide and was convinced about the approach, but the offshore lead was not convinced and wanted me to check for other slides. However, the on-site team conveyed to me in separate call that they were fine with the slide and we can move on. This rose to a different conflict with the offshore lead and I was targeted. Read more on “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Unplanned long travel with Ecosport from my native

I was on the way to my home for a long weekend and was very much excited about relaxing with my family. So, till I reached home there was no travel plans made by my family and out of nowhere my mom conveys that they are planning to travel different city, which is about more than 300kms from my native and return on the same day. I was completely taken aback by this sudden plan out of nowhere and I was offered with two options, one option was to stay back in home and give my car to my brother, the final option was to join my family for the long travel and I can drive the car. I chose the second option and planned to join my family for the long drive. Now came another shock that my family was planning to start early in the morning as early as 5 AM and I’m not an early morning person. I was completely frustrated of this sudden plan and was in complete oscillation whether to join them or not. Finally, I joined my family for a long drive and to know more about my travel experience - read posts in “G R Team sites”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Completely worried about the new opportunity

My manager has assigned new opportunity very late in the day and the moment I got the opportunity assigned, I was running through the objective and the team I would be interacting with for this opportunity. To my shock, I noticed about a delivery person, who is known for his most irritating mentality and requesting too many unnecessary updates to the solution. I was completely horrified about working with that person and one consoling thing is that he is from onsite and there would be one more delivery person, who would be supporting me from offshore. This was the first time; I was working with that offshore delivery person and I was completely unaware about his working style. I called him very late in the evening to find out any action items to be completed and any support required from my end. He was very soft and encouraging, that he said there would not be much support required from my end, until client provides clarifications for the questionnaire. I was completely relieved and signed off my work for the weekend. Continue to follow the road at “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ordering Pharmaceuticals via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The demand for prescription medicines for any number of mental and physical ailments means an increase in customer interaction for you and your pharmaceutical staff. This is an overwhelming experience for some, especially if you run an independent community pharmacy. Without the necessary people power to fill subscriptions or answer questions, your small business might lose established customers and stall when attempting to bring in new ones.

Automation is the key

As with many operations in today's high-speed world, automation is the key to easing this struggle. Many people think this is just at the computer end of a business. However, artificial intelligence has also reached the phone in the form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR). As a consumer, you have dealt with IVR before when contacting pharmaceutical distributors, billing companies, or your local cable company. The concept is the same for pharmacy IVR systems.

How IVR works

The technology allows a computer to interact with a human voice. The most common questions and answers are programmed into the system along with commands that register names, telephone numbers, and prescription codes for refills. The customer can order their medicine via voice prompts or, in some IVR applications, push-button responses. As the customer completes their call, the IVR system completes the data transfer, compiles the information, and displays it on the computer as an order message. If customers wish to speak with you or your pharmaceutical staff, that option as bypassed as the call is transferred to an available associate.

Maximizing the use of an IVR

IVR is user-friendly but does take some time to program and maintain. If hiring an IT professional isn't in your budget, then consider outsourcing your IVR operations to a pharmacy management system. These organizations, BestRx as an example, handle the day-to-day operations of IVR and other technological systems. They'll work with you to program the proper questions and responses as well as update the script as needed. In addition, not only will you save money but you will also have time to focus on building your customer base.