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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Clogged Cricket Schedule in India: A Viewer's Perspective

Clogged Cricket Schedule in India: A Viewer's Perspective

Cricket is a popular sport in India, with millions of fans thronging the stadiums and logging in to their mobile to watch the matches. However, with the recent increase in the number of matches, many fans feel overwhelmed and even exhausted by the endless stream of cricket every week. The overcrowded fixture schedule has caused concern for viewers, who are struggling to keep up with the constant stream of both India’s and IPL cricket matches. In this article, we will explore its impact on cricket quality and how viewers feel exhaustive about continuous matches. 

How too many matches affect viewers: 
Too many matches played in a short period of time have exhausted viewers. Many fans feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to keep up with the constant stream of cricket. As a result, the excitement and enthusiasm for the sport that once existed will continue to wane. The saturation of cricket matches has led to a drop in interest from fans, who find it increasingly difficult to follow all the irrelevant bilateral series and one-sided test matches.

BCCI’s justification on Overcrowded Schedule: 
There are several reasons why there are too many matches and bilateral tournaments from India’s cricket team. One of the main factors is that BCCI is focused on making huge profits and make advertisers happy. Furthermore, the high demand for cricket in India with crores being paid to players and viewership has led to an increase in the number of matches being held to meet the needs of players, TV telecasters and advertisers. 

Impact on quality of cricket: 
The overloaded cricket schedule in India has significantly affected the quality of the sport and there are no one unique match winner or crowd attracted unique players on the field. Matches are constantly on, leaving players with a lack of time to rest and recover, which can affect their performance on the field. In addition, the constant pressure to compete at a high level can also cause players to burn out, which further affects the quality of the sport. 

Hope BCCI understands this fact and make sensible decision before scheduling another irrelevant and one-sided series/tournament or it may soon explode resulting in drop in both viewership and fans attending stadiums for a cricket match. Please check out “G R Team Sites” for more such articles and information.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

College Football Pick Information

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fantasy Football Information

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Friday, July 31, 2009

India's New Jersey

Team India’s New Cricket Jersey was unveiled in a fashion show like function by Nike, where instead of models; cricketers walked the ramp according to the latest cricket news. In a sharp departure from the traditional light or sky blue, the color of the new uniform for the Indian team is now a darker, more steely-looking blue. This perhaps reflects the steel that Team India have displayed in recent times, the cricket news being dominated by their wins rather than their losses. This is a new Team India with a firm resolve, a steely determination to win, and an attitude which reflects that steely determination! The ‘New Jersey’ has several very futuristic and advanced features, such as ultra light, highly absorbent material for extra comfort of wear. It also has a mesh right down the back of the shirt, which allows for excellent breathability which apparently was at the players’ own behest. It took Nike 18 months to develop the new shirt which Captain MS Dhoni laughingly said “won’t get dirty so easily”, though one doubts very much if MSD is over concerned about doing the laundry.