Friday, August 5, 2022

Evaluating the options to repair my damaged Ford EcoSport

As I had detailed in my earlier article about a freaking accident in my Ford EcoSport and with considerable damage to the car’s right side, I had to figure out the options to repair it. After the incident, I immediately captured the pictures of the damage and tried capture the extent of the damage to the side wall of the car. With the images, I had few options left to repair my car and following are my perceptions about it
  • Ford’s OEM accidental Repair: My preferred option to repair my car’s damage was with Ford’s service center and the concern I had was the cost & time to repair. Usually, the other car manufacturers charge hefty amount for the accidental repairs with chunk of service charges and may often have large waiting time for returning the car. However, all my perceptions about this option were changed later and I will detail about the same in my other articles that will be published in “G R Team Sites”
  • Third party repairs: My perception about the third-party repairs for Car’s accidental damage was the fit & finish and quality of the paint that will be used during the repairs. Most of the times, the finish will not factory perfect and as it ages, the paint quality would fade out making it odd in long term. This option had lot of complications associated with the repairs and will be detailed in my articles.
After analyzing all the above option, I had to repair the car at the earliest and had some family function coming up soon. To know more about my preferred repair for my EcoSport car, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”