Monday, June 22, 2015

Get Aspiration

Goals are about vision that creates value. A goal cannot just be a numerical target to be met. Goals are actually a reflection of our innate will to create something of lasting importance and value. It is then, that we are inspired. Mere figures and numbers mean nothing: actual worth is what matters. For example value can be added with the following perspective; a trainer who would like to impart learning and not just teach impersonally, a banker who would like to create financial abundance and security not just have the largest balance sheet. Hence the goal of a recruiter should not be just to meet target requirements and hire X amount of people, it should be to find, appreciate and acquire talent. In this manner the goals develop a deeper meaning and make work more inspiring.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Info about Science Difference

I was reading "An Emerging Mind" by V.Ramachandran (a brilliant book by a brilliant neuroscientist if I might say so). In that he mentions of people capable of pointing to objects even though they are blind. This is because the eye is working and sending signals to various parts of the brain and the "screen" and the "spatial arrangement centers" are different. So they still know something exists to where they are pointing but cannot "see" it. Even in this case, people should not know that they are missing out on something unless they compare with someone else. Like a person born blind cannot know that others can see. What if there was a planet full of such beings?

Information About Wrestling

The most common sport which is popular among the school children these days is wrestling. Children switch on the television when they reach home and start to watch the real and lively entertainment. Those it’s a very dangerous sport child tend to watch. Many children love their favorite superstars when they come out and wrestle and win the match. It’s a good evening pastime for many children since they get bored whole day long sitting the class rooms.Wrestling also incorporates children to tune themselves to fitness training and also into the sport called Body building.