Thursday, April 15, 2021

Reasons for not buying silicon M1 MacBook  

I wanted to replace my laptop for a long time and was waiting for Apple’s announcement of silicon macs. My plan for getting new MacBook was going on for a long thing and I always wanted to wait and make investment in long term practical option. So, the reasons that were concerning me while buying the latest silicon Macs were as follows: 
  • The long-term reliability of the silicon processors: With experts agreeing in on the fact that the latest processor from Apple was extremely superior to other competitors and the results increasing very quickly. The long-term reliability was a major concern for me, whether Apple will restrict too much on their core processors by restricting implementation of applications approved only by Apple and not allowing users to implement third party or cracked software solutions. 
  • Second generation of processors will always be ahead and reliable than the first version. Even though apple’s silicon Mac's processor was impressive, Apple had long history of launching best and reliable processors or product during their successive versions. So, I am hopeful that the second iterative version will be better than the first version. 
  • Design changes: Apple has not changed Apple MacBook design for a long time and if Apple changes design now, then the earlier version MacBook becomes outdated. 
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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Information to clear Microsoft 70-741 Exam

If you are an IT professional and feeling frustrated of routine job, then the following blog post would guide you in smart way. In recent times, if you were looking to switch company for a better salary hike or looking for competitive role change, then the most effective and smarter solution would be to learn innovative technology. Learning recent technology would not make much difference, as most companies look for technical certifications in specific areas and relevant technologies. So, clearing certifications in relevant technology may cause major hurdle for people who were looking for a switch and they ease through the hurdle with the help of the site. Example, if a professional is looking to change their technology from legacy to Microsoft, then most companies prefer professionals with Microsoft certifications. 

We would like to help our readers with sample scenario of a professional, who is looking to switch from non-technical role to a system administrator role in Microsoft technology. The simpler and most effective solution would be to get certification through Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) exam. The microsoft exam 70 740 help professional to get proficient in concepts, terminology, and technology related to Microsoft and helps them to apply their knowledge to the real-word scenarios. However, clearing exam would be the hardest and frustrating process for most professionals and the smarter solution is to go through dumps from reliable online sites. 

Recently I came across this interesting online site, which would be right place to check out for people who were looking to clear microsoft 70-741 exam or for that matter any Microsoft certifications. The site is one of the most trusted and reliable online networks in the web, that help professionals with most relevant information to clear certifications. Key highlights of the site include: 
  • 100% Accurate & relevant questions: Includes practice test with real Microsoft exam questions - Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Simulations. 
  • Up-To-Date Exam Dumps/ Practice tests: Questions and dumps are updated regularly with latest and complete exam materials needed to clear your certification exams. 
  • Simulated Exam practice system: Helps you to get accumulated with real certification exam through simulated practice exam 
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Monday, January 18, 2021

Know about API's and custom upload process available

Application Programming Interface (API) 
The Application Programming Interface or API is a packaged procedure, which can be used as an alternative entry point into the system to the traditional online forms and where interface tables do not exist. The advantage of the process is that the same logic used by the seeded online forms can also be used by other interfaces into the system, thus ensuring that the integrity of the data remains intact. Some of the enterprise Applications modules have used the APIs quite extensively and are mostly in the manufacturing and HRMS suite. 

Custom Upload Processes 
Where neither Interface tables nor API are provided, and excel macros are not a viable option, custom programs would be developed to upload data directly to the enterprise's database tables. The process of updating the data to the database tables is not an approach recommended, hence such an approach comes with inherent risks. IT vendor should consider those risks and shall utilize customized approach with the required consent of business with regard to the support. 

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