Monday, November 23, 2020

A new idea to get Airpods Pro

My plans of getting the latest version of the iPhone 12 were completely shattered due to Apple’s abnormal pricing and decision to leave out charger brick even at such price options. I had to make up my mind to take a final call on getting a new phone either an earlier generation iPhone 11 or wait a little longer and get the latest version of iPhone 12 with some offers at affordable. However, my heart was a little bit hanging over for iPhone 11 due to its attractive pricing, and if at all I prefer to get iPhone 11, then I can stretch out my budget to get Airpods pro. Many users might get surprised about my preference for Airpods Pro, but this product was in mind for an exceptionally long time and I always wanted to get this product for its sound quality and its truly wireless option. I always prefer to hear some music or random YouTube videos while doing office work and mostly my office calls will be more than an hour. So, the choice of getting Airpods pro was making sense for me, and to know more about my shopping, please check out blog posts in "G R Team Sites"

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Best place to get wholesale collection of dresses

If you were ever looking to save big on your dress shopping, then buying a wholesale dress from a reliable online shopping site will be the smartest and effective solution. There may wide range of online shopping sites promising to offer African clothes wholesale, however more online sites out there in the market lack quality of products and unique wholesale collection offered to users. So, make sure that you check out the best and reliable online shopping site that offers a wide collection of wholesale dresses and also at affordable prices. Recently I came across this online shopping site that offers a wide range of dress collections at the most affordable pricing, known as is one of the most trusted and reliable online shopping network offering wholesale dress collection for users across states. 

The online shopping site is also known for its unique collection of casual jumpsuits for women. online shopping site includes jumpsuits with exquisite jacquard, backless, hollow-out, and crossover design. The unique collection of Fitness White Butt Lifting Workout Jumpsuit Jacquard Sexy collection would be the right option for ladies who were looking to show off their curves. The jumpsuits' collection from are best suited for all your needs such as for daily wear, vacation, beach, workout, etc 

If you were ever looking for a stylish and versatile dress collection to your wardrobe, then kinetic yellow off-shoulder shirt knot exotic paint the latest trends from would be the right option. The various features of the dress available at are as follows
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and much more. Check out for more such product collection and widely popular lover-beauty jumpsuits. We recommend our friends and family to check out for a unique collection of wholesale dresses at an affordable price. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Upcoming features and enhancements in iOS 14

With apple new software update about to be announced in few days, I would also want to jump into the bandwagon of specialists predicting upcoming features and enhancements. I have long been using Apple products and most probably my predictions have come true, it may be due to my luck, or analytical skills or guessing it right. So, back to the topic of what might be the upcoming confirmed features of iOS 14, let me list down in bullets as detailed below and please note I don’t have any insider or any sources inside apple. I make predictions only based on apple’s track record and other tech analysts detailing in their YouTube channel. Let's see below what might be the upcoming features in iOS 14. 
  • With Covid-19 pandemic impacting economy across the world, Apple might promise performance improvements on things like CPU, GPU or Graphics that might be least interest to amateur people like me. 
  • Apple might bring widgets like features in home screen and Apps being moved left side, like how we move right or bring top down notification centre to view widgets, apple might make specific area in home screen for widgets 
  • Third party apps will be given more preference than Apple apps like Safari, Apple Maps, Apple Music, etc. 

Above are just start of my perditions and I will continue to predict features and enhancements about iOS 14 in my other “G R Team Sites”

Monday, June 8, 2020

Initiating work for new opportunity with stupid manager

After logging back to work after a long vacation and connecting from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, I was hoping that I will not get work for a couple of days due to downtime and could some quality time with my family. However, all my hope was vanished within seconds due to messages from my manager, stating that a new opportunity has come with the same old account team and the opportunity had a short turnaround time of 2 weeks. Believing that this opportunity would be ending than anticipated and with no work on my table, I had no other option but to accept the work. The initial description I got from my manager was to collate a few slides on listed topics with a clearly defined storyline and the customizations can be done further with inputs from the delivery team. Again, all his inputs were directed to the trash, and without knowing this communication from the onsite team, I had put in my effort to collate slides that he had requested and created a storyline with my thought process. To know further on how it was ripped off by onsite team, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites”