Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Surprisingly no work and ruined plan with old work

My manager has conveyed that new work has come and would require a lot of effort for the next 2 weeks and it would be assigned to me. With a record of accomplishment for my manager being completely clueless about the service requests assigned to me, I was completely curious to get further information about the service request and was eagerly waiting for the tasks to begin. The next working day after this conversation with my manager, I called up the delivery person to understand the nature of the work and effort required from me for the next 2 weeks. To my surprise, he was mentioning that the work is a little bit and may need only limited support from my end. I was jumping out of joy, my prediction about my manger had worked out once again and I was looking forward to killing time for the next two weeks. However, again the entire plan of me being without work for next week was ruined by my previous work with the most irritating delivery & account teams. To know more about the ruined plan with the old service request, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”