Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love for Chocalates

When it comes to chocolates girls love it and when it comes to ice creams little children love it. Chocolates and ice creams are relished by everybody these day because for their taste. It’s a symbol of happiness, love and affection. It’s not restricted to only girls and little children, people of all ages love to eat those chocolates and ice creams. The real happiness and the smile are seen to the children when the parents buy them a handful of chocolates and ice creams. Moreover these chocolates tend to be stimulants in all forms. They have a spectrum of stimulant chemicals which makes them most lovable and also the most wonderful ones to eat.

Lightest notebook review

Lighter than the rest and better than the best, the Apple MacBook Air is the winner in the 'light-weight' notebook market. A mix of the MacBook and the Pro in terms of technology and a wafer-thin display, the Air is a stunner. Rich Screen, sharp interface, sensitive track-pad, all-aluminum body and decent battery life, all packed into one light box. One heck of a piece!

About Nature

It’s a god’s gift given to man. We people should enjoy nature. Life is to enjoy the nature what god has given to us. No one can’t act, against the nature. Try to love the nature. Damaging the nature could lead to disastrous effects to mankind. It’s always good to go along with nature. Those hills, lakes, seas, forest…etc bring the pleasantness to human life, strictly supposed to say its god gift to whole mankind.

The Hungry Tide

The Ajith Kumar - Yuvan Shankar Raja duo is back with ' Aegan' after the stupendous success of "Billa". The album consists of five songs and one repeat song. The first song " Hey Salaa" takes off with some roaring beats with Blaaze blazing all the way with his stunning rap. It has also been sung by Naresh Iyer and Mohamed Aslam. The next track is "Yahoo" sung by Suvi, Ujjaini, Sathyan, Ranjith and Naveen. A fresh, entertaining song with a good mix of pop and gaana, the lyrics of which will go down weel with college students. "Hey Baby", sung by Shankar Mahadevan, sounds similar to the "Jillendru Oru Kathal" song. Next in the list is "Odum Varayil" which stresses greatly upon freedom and the different aspects of life has been sung by Kay Kay and Bela Shende. The last song "Kichu Kichu" is completely different from the rest of the songs. The song begins with a soothing female chorus, followed by Vasundhra Das's mesmerising voice.