Monday, January 18, 2021

Know about API's and custom upload process available

Application Programming Interface (API) 
The Application Programming Interface or API is a packaged procedure, which can be used as an alternative entry point into the system to the traditional online forms and where interface tables do not exist. The advantage of the process is that the same logic used by the seeded online forms can also be used by other interfaces into the system, thus ensuring that the integrity of the data remains intact. Some of the enterprise Applications modules have used the APIs quite extensively and are mostly in the manufacturing and HRMS suite. 

Custom Upload Processes 
Where neither Interface tables nor API are provided, and excel macros are not a viable option, custom programs would be developed to upload data directly to the enterprise's database tables. The process of updating the data to the database tables is not an approach recommended, hence such an approach comes with inherent risks. IT vendor should consider those risks and shall utilize customized approach with the required consent of business with regard to the support. 

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