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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Information about Black Holes

Black holes don't emit x-rays themselves, matter falling into black holes heats up and emits x-rays before it is swallowed up. The Hawking radiation is different (but not at all ad hoc, as the article said); it's actually emitted by the black hole itself, and much weaker than the x-rays. Also, black holes are not usually "defined" to be singularities, it’s just that every current theory we have inevitably leads to singularities. String theory is different because the fundamental objects, strings, are extended (they have length), as opposed to points. It's been known for awhile that this would prevent singularities because the strings are spread out. What has come out more recently is the idea that the strings could stretch from the center of the black hole out to the edges, and somehow encode the information there (again, note that the key is that the strings have a length). This way information is not lost, which is VITAL to quantum mechanics.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Info about Science Difference

I was reading "An Emerging Mind" by V.Ramachandran (a brilliant book by a brilliant neuroscientist if I might say so). In that he mentions of people capable of pointing to objects even though they are blind. This is because the eye is working and sending signals to various parts of the brain and the "screen" and the "spatial arrangement centers" are different. So they still know something exists to where they are pointing but cannot "see" it. Even in this case, people should not know that they are missing out on something unless they compare with someone else. Like a person born blind cannot know that others can see. What if there was a planet full of such beings?