Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Memorable Days

It’s a period of total enjoyment. The motive of the students is to bunk the classes and hang out in theatres and malls. Our primary goal is entertainment first and education second. Of course it’s true for all the students. Those silly fights, friendly love, all this happens only in college life.Finally when the semester comes, its time to study, study and study. Sleepless nights and wandering days are the real pain. Students come out with flying colors when the colleges are over making a remarkable entry to what is so called- life and work.

Something About my Crush

She was my junior in my school days. It was the first day of school for her, when the eleventh standard classes started,she approached me with a smile and introduced herself.She was very much friendly and polite in her approach.I like the way she spoke to me.She was also good looking.I still miss her daily and I always remember her . I hope she fine and it has been 5 years since when I saw her last. I pray to god that I hope to see her soon.She is always remembered by me daily.My good wishes to her such that she reaches great heights in her life.She was an angel to me in my life.