Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Different types of world

There are three different type of world exists.....

1. The world of Artist: This world is totally imaginative. It is collection of all the things that an artist has seen in reality. Than artist expand the horizon of those realities and make it ideal. A poet describes women so nicely but if someone try to find that woman in real world one never get her coz its imagination.

2. The world of Science: This is purely based of facts and reasons. Even if something is in front of eyes and there is no evidence of it, it is not a truth for science. Science always asks for repetition in similar conditions and one failure refutes the theory.

3. The world of Religion: This world is purely base on faith. There is no need of even imagination because it has already been done in past. Trust and faith on someone or some text is what religious world is all about.

Our mindsets are divided in these three worlds. If your mindset is of artist than you will negate the world of science and religion, if you mind is of science than you will negate the world of artist and religion and if your mind is of religion than you will negate worlds of art and science.

The base is different for truth in each world and so there is a fight. To avoid such fights you need to be in the world that has been described by a person. If you are reading religious book, you can't argue there with science.

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