Thursday, September 8, 2022

Disappointing iPhone 14 launch from Apple in 2022

Disappointing iPhone 14 launch from Apple in 2022
Apple has recently their flagship product iPhone 14 in September event and this time the iPhone 14 product was completely disappointment. The iPhone 14 Pro was stand-out among the product launches with the screen being redesigned and new “Dynamic Island” was introduced. However, the baseline iPhone 14 was completely unworthy, and the reasons as follows
  • Same processor with minor tweaks: The iPhone 14 had the same processor that was used in the earlier version of iPhone 13 and as marketing strategy it was introduced with few enhancements. However, the processor seems to be same as the older version and the performance improvements will not be noticeable by normal users. 
  • Pricing is exorbitant when compared to iPhone 13: With iPhone 14 being launched with the older version processor, Apple could have reduced the starting price of regular iPhone 14 version by at least $50 to $749. By launching iPhone 14 at exorbitant price at $799, user can very well incline to iPhone 13 version with same processor and similar design pattern. 
With the factors impacting the newly launched iPhone 14 version, getting iPhone 13 would make most sense for users who were planning to upgrade from iPhone 11 or older versions. To read more such articles, please feel free to check out the websites listed in “G R Team Sites”

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