Saturday, March 20, 2010

Suggestion for Saving Energy

You may be unaware of energy wasted in your home appliances and now it's time to save energy. There are various ways to get information and tips to save energy in your home appliances and the easier way would be referring best online network. The Microsoft Hohm would be such place to get suggestions and information for Energy saving in your home appliances. The Microsoft Hohm network educates people about energy saving that even a basic knowledge people could start saving energy in their homes. The new information and suggestion from Microsoft network are as follows 

• Tankless water heater support

• Advanced lighting calculator

• Improved charting

• New energy breakdown analysis page

The Microsoft Hohm network provides high quality tips and information for users to save energy in their home appliances that no other online network could offer you. The following few tips and information could save energy and money in your home

• Configure your laser printer to use low power modes when not in use

• Check if you have leaky faucets or other water leaks, and repair them

• Configure your computer display to use low power modes when not in use

• Limit the amount of time your pool pumps run

• Use power strips to stop appliances from wasting energy when inactive

• Vacuum or brush off your refrigerator coils to boost efficiency

• When replacing your skylights, choose energy efficient double pane, low gain, aluminium, wood, or vinyl   skylights

• When replacing your clothes washer, choose an Energy Star-labeled model, replace your dishwasher, choose an energy-efficient model

If you wish to save home energy and concerned of energy being wasted in your home appliances, then just sign up and join Microsoft Hohm network. For more suggestion and information to save energy in your home appliances, please feel free to sign up and join Hohm network.

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