Monday, August 13, 2018

One more opportunity closed with complex SME

Now I had to work with most difficult team to work with to complete the opportunity, one with most rude behavior and lot of ego issues and the other team member who was least bothered about the work. The opportunity kicked off only with our team and later on it was found that we had smaller scope compared to other teams, who had to be looped later in the process. So, I was somewhat relaxed about the smaller scope and was hoping that the opportunity would be closed in smoother way. The opportunity kicked off and was coordinating with this complex delivery expert to finish up the work. Each time when I used to call this delivery expert, there used to be always new suggestions, opinions, changes and lot of updates. I had to bend a lot to complete all these things and was sharing with him for his opinion. At one point in this opportunity process, I was working hard at my end to complete all the open items and this delivery expert had shouted at me for no fault of mine, asking me to do some updates in delivery related information. I was so much pissed off and wanted to give it to him back, but I don’t want to complex things because it would be of no use for 2 reasons. Continue this at “G R Team Sites”

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