Monday, September 10, 2018

20. Height of betrayal in the team

Small recap of the events, the manager in the team requested my hike percentage and after a long thought process I just revealed close enough hike percentage to him and later found out that it was a huge mistake. By trusting him I just revealed a slightly lowered hike percentage to him and felt he would be trustable in the team. So, the conversation ended there and we didn’t even discuss much about the hike percentage or other things. I thought he would hold the confidentiality and moved ahead with my busy work schedule. After a week-long time, I had to chat with one of the team members from the same manager and I had no clue of what would have happened and was chatting with him normally. Now all of a sudden, he dropped a huge bombshell on my trust about a manager in my team, that the manager was discussing about my hike percentage to him and he revealed my exact hike percentage to all in the team. To continue reading, please check out “G R Team Sites”

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