Sunday, March 17, 2019

Completely worried about the new opportunity

My manager has assigned new opportunity very late in the day and the moment I got the opportunity assigned, I was running through the objective and the team I would be interacting with for this opportunity. To my shock, I noticed about a delivery person, who is known for his most irritating mentality and requesting too many unnecessary updates to the solution. I was completely horrified about working with that person and one consoling thing is that he is from onsite and there would be one more delivery person, who would be supporting me from offshore. This was the first time; I was working with that offshore delivery person and I was completely unaware about his working style. I called him very late in the evening to find out any action items to be completed and any support required from my end. He was very soft and encouraging, that he said there would not be much support required from my end, until client provides clarifications for the questionnaire. I was completely relieved and signed off my work for the weekend. Continue to follow the road at “G R Team Sites”

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