Saturday, May 11, 2019

Unplanned long travel with Ecosport from my native

I was on the way to my home for a long weekend and was very much excited about relaxing with my family. So, till I reached home there was no travel plans made by my family and out of nowhere my mom conveys that they are planning to travel different city, which is about more than 300kms from my native and return on the same day. I was completely taken aback by this sudden plan out of nowhere and I was offered with two options, one option was to stay back in home and give my car to my brother, the final option was to join my family for the long travel and I can drive the car. I chose the second option and planned to join my family for the long drive. Now came another shock that my family was planning to start early in the morning as early as 5 AM and I’m not an early morning person. I was completely frustrated of this sudden plan and was in complete oscillation whether to join them or not. Finally, I joined my family for a long drive and to know more about my travel experience - read posts in “G R Team sites”

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