Saturday, July 20, 2019

Rude offshore delivery lead and consoling daily calls

Knowing that the offshore delivery lead has personally escalated against me to my manager I was completely irritated by this action and never wanted to work on this opportunity. However, my manager wanted me to continue support on this opportunity and never understanding about the conflicts arising between me and the offshore lead. To detail the extent of the conflicts, during one of those calls, there was a comment from the offshore delivery lead that we need to add a slide about certain topic, and I was requested to find the relevant slides. So, I was checking in my repository and other sources as well to find the perfect slide that matches the requirement and finally, I found the latest slide for the same. When I shared the slides to the team, everyone was fine with the slide and was convinced about the approach, but the offshore lead was not convinced and wanted me to check for other slides. However, the on-site team conveyed to me in separate call that they were fine with the slide and we can move on. This rose to a different conflict with the offshore lead and I was targeted. Read more on “G R Team Sites”

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