Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Leisure time and roped in to support complicated opportunity

After few iterations of changes and updates from that irritating online delivery lead, the opportunity was finally closed, and I got relived from supporting that opportunity again. Now, I was really praying for calm and composed opportunity to work and never again wanted to get stuck with irritating delivery leads again. I was supporting my manager for some ad-hoc requests, which consumed only very little bandwidth and in other times, I was leisure browsing through internet. I was hoping that it would continue for few more weeks and to my surprise I was looped in to support one more complicated opportunity within short span of time. To give background about this new opportunity, this opportunity wants to extract new representations out of nowhere and add worsen part of it, these delivery leads work on weekends and wanted my support on weekends. Learn more about what happened in this opportunity at “G R Team Sites”

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