Monday, August 24, 2009

Singapore Work Visa

If you are looking to work and start business in Singapore, then make sure you have known procedures for applying Singapore visa and different types of visas available for businesspeople and workers. You may have known many ways to get information about visa procedures and types of Singapore visa available, but the easier way would be getting guide or information from a reputable service provider. There are wide ranges of service providers available in Internet that provides information and procedure for applying visas. But most service provider lack quality of service provided, and they are ineffective. So, make sure you get procedures and information of Singapore visa from a high quality service provider. There are two types of visa available for people to work and start business in Singapore.

The Employment Pass visa is for foreign professional employees, managers, and owners or directors of Singapore companies. There are certain procedures to be followed for applying for Employment Pass in Singapore and make sure that you get resource or information from a reputable service provider available in market. The key points about employment pass visa are, if you are one of the owners or directors of a Singapore company and need to move to Singapore to run your company operations, and then you will apply for Employment Pass sponsored by your Singapore Company. If you own a Singapore company and are hiring foreign employees, then your company will need to file an EP application for each foreign employee, you are hiring and if an employer hired you in Singapore, then your employer will normally take care of filing your EP application.

The EntrePass visa is just a variation of the Employment Pass and has the same privileges and benefits. The EntrePass is a work visa meant for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Singapore but lack good education may not qualify under Employment Pass category. The EntrePass is primarily meant for entrepreneurs that don't have tertiary level education in the relevant field.

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